is entering the Cannabis Blockchain Business.


Last year, while I was researching the cannabis industry, I identified some key business models unique to the cannabis industry that are incredibly different from those currently being promoted in the Cannabis Capital Markets. The number one principle that drives the success in the cannabis industry for long term valuation and growth is the principle to acquire the “Customer First.” Therefore, building a Cannabis Blockchain for the customers and expanding delivery services that deliver cannabis to people in their homes will be the end target market. I have approved the Subsidiary of AppYea Holding Inc., and the newly formed Canadian Subsidiary will transition, focusing the business development during 2021 on building a Cannabis Blockchain Company.

Market Opportunity

By 2022, California’s cannabis market is projected to jump to $5 billion – boosted significantly by California’s recreational cannabis market. The California cannabis industry’s total economic impact could be nearly $10 billion.

What we will do

Target development for the Cannabis Blockchain Development in 2021 will be:

The Cannabis or Hemp Grower benefits from using the blockchain data for compliance with standard operating procedures to ensure strict manufacturing guidelines for safety. The Grower’s additional value can track data to increase crop yield and potentially reduce water consumption, increasing profitability. We envision the Grower’s Blockchain and machine learning to determine specific crop details by using predictive analytics and personal data to assess the strain the customers desire the most.

The Environmental benefit results from creating a decentralized, encrypted database validating SOP processes as they occur during Cannabis Cultivation. The record’s benefit will track the amount of pesticide used, water consumed, and soil degradation.

The Person partaking in the use of the product benefits from a cleaner and better product to enjoy. In the future, we envision the consumer being able to scan the QR code with their phone and use the Blockchain to see the record of the nutrients solution recipe or the amount of pesticide used during the cultivation and packaging process. The end customer will have a history of the Cannabis plant through all stages of the plant’s life cycle to verify the final product’s product outcome and authenticity.

The Government could begin using the system to be more efficient with tax collections and implementing more effective regulatory policies. We can expect that governments will finally accept blockchain benefits and improve critical applications improving tracking financial transactions and ensuring people’s identity in the seed to the sale process.

The Cannabis Blockchain can significantly improve supply chains by enabling faster and more cost-efficient product deliveries, enhancing product traceability, and enhancing coordination between customers, drivers, and central locations