Sleep the Way You Want

AppYea’s revolutionary solution for monitoring and treating sleep
breathing disorders will transform the way you sleep – forever!

AppySleep Wristband

Say Good-Night to Snoring. Once and For All.

AppYea combines AI-based algorithms and our patented AppySleep wristband
technology to turn any smartphone device into a sleep tracker.




Users wear AppySleep like any regular wristband and the AppySleep app sits on the user’s smartphone, which only requires that the phone’s microphone face the user as they sleep.



The app combines all data in real time to decide when and at what intensity to activate the AppySleep wristband’s vibrations that gently take the user out of deep sleep and train their brain to breathe properly.


Comprehensive Reporting

Users can receive reports on their sleep health and quality as well as receive alerts about critical health changes that require consultation or medical follow-up.

AppYea's Accurate Sensors Train People As They Sleep To Get The Air They Need

Studies have shown that snoring and other sleep breathing disorders are linked with many (avoidable) health issues. With AppySleep, users will wake up feeling more energized and relaxed as their brain and body use bio-feedback to learn how to sleep in the correct position and breathe properly, leading to improved night breathing over time.


The AppySleep Method


AppySleep wristband houses a vibration motor and sensors that measure real-time physiological data such as movement, pulse, blood oxygen level, and blood pressure.


The wristband sends the data to the AppySleep app on your smartphone, which also listens to your breathing rate and detects snoring.


The app’s unique algorithms combine all data in real time, deciding when to activate the vibration, at what intensity, and its duration.


The gentle vibration takes you out of deep sleep into a lighter phase, a transition that trains your brain to breathe properly over time. ​


By tracking your sleep patterns, the app use machine learning to adapt the treatment and recommends improvements to your sleep pattern and breathing habits.

Customers Say

AppySleep combines AI-based algorithms and our patented DreamIT wristband
technology to turn any smartphone device into a sleep tracker.