Frequently Asked Question


AppySleep stands out from other sleep monitoring apps due to its exclusive focus on treating snoring. Unlike other apps that solely monitor sleep patterns, AppYea offers a distinctive method accompanied by international patents to not only monitor but also address snoring issues. Through continuous monitoring, the app alerts and guides snorers in reducing their snoring until it ceases completely. It's important to note that every snorer responds differently to the process, and achieving results may require varying amounts of time.

AppySleep utilizes advanced technology to listen to your breathing patterns during the night. The app effectively detects snoring episodes with our proprietary algorithm, specifically designed and patented. Upon reaching a customizable threshold, which users can adjust within the application's settings on their phone, a vibration is triggered on the accompanying wristband. This helps create awareness and encourages users to take necessary actions to alleviate snoring.

For optimal performance, it is recommended to keep the cell phone next to the bed to ensure that the app's microphone can accurately capture the volume of snoring. The ideal distance between the cell phone and the bed is approximately 2 feet. The communication between the cell phone and the wristband is facilitated through Bluetooth technology. We advise putting the cellphone in standby mode to prevent any potential interference while ensuring the uninterrupted functionality of the product.

Typically, snoring is more likely to occur when sleeping in specific positions, particularly on the back. The vibration function prompts you to change your sleeping position. With consistent use of the product over several days, you will gradually adapt to sleeping in the correct position, which helps reduce or eliminate snoring.

No, the vibration intensity is very subtle and is often not even felt. The vibration establishes a connection known as "biofeedback" with your brain, signaling the need to adjust your position to avoid the stimulation caused by the vibration. If desired, users have the option to customize the vibration criteria through the application settings, such as setting the number of continuous snores required before activating the vibration and adjusting the interval between vibrations. In future updates of the application, we plan to incorporate AI technology to automatically optimize the treatment for users who choose this option.

The technology implemented in our app has been extensively tested and validated through various research efforts. The evaluation consists of two key aspects:

  1. Snoring detection through sound analysis: Our company's scientists, as well as independent researchers, have conducted numerous studies in this field. The findings are unequivocal, demonstrating the app's ability to accurately detect snoring using the smartphone's built-in microphone.
  2. Vibration-based treatment utilizing biofeedback: The treatment mechanism, which employs vibrations to stimulate position changes during sleep, is based on the well-established physiological phenomenon of biofeedback. Our company has conducted several studies in this area, yielding significant results with a considerable decrease in snoring reported as early as the first night.

Following each night of sleep, the app provides a comprehensive report that includes valuable data such as total sleep time, duration of snoring, number of wristband vibrations, and more. You can also visualize this information through graphs and even record your breathing and snoring for further analysis. Additionally, future updates of the app will offer access to additional data and enhanced reporting and graphing features

Our technology is distinct and protected by a substantial number of international patents. While there are other apps capable of detecting snoring, they do not offer a similar treatment approach. As far as our knowledge extends, there is currently no app connected to a wristband that provides a comparable treatment solution.

No, the app is provided free of charge exclusively to customers who have purchased the accompanying wristband. It is a personal and complimentary offering for our valued users.