Sleep apnea can be treated in several different ways. If you don’t like the idea of surgical procedures and hesitate about using mouthpieces and breathing devices, there is one more option left. It is not about medicines since there is still no approved pill or injection to treat the condition, it is about change of lifestyle. Here are a few tips to follow to improve your life quality:

  • Change sleeping position. If you’ve always slept on your back, this time try to sleep on your side. When sleeping in this position, you’ll see how the quality of your sleep has changed, especially in terms of loud snoring problems.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol. Try to avoid drinking alcohol at least four hours before falling asleep. The fact is that alcohol causes muscles to relax, which, consequently, squeezes and narrows air passage and leads to sleep apnea. Also medicines that induce sleep can have the same effect on muscles.
  • Keep weight to the minimum. Weight loss, even the slightest one, can make a significant change and bring about a tangible improvement in symptoms.
  • Quit smoking. If you’re into smoking, it will certainly be difficult to deal with it. But, it has been proved that smoking worsens sleep apnea. Start fighting your smoking habits now and you’ll see the results later.
  • Keep nasal passages always open during your night sleep. Use allergy medicines or nose strays. Make sure your nose is in good condition before bedtime.

By applying this alterations and changes to your habits and daily activities, you can finally get the relief and improvement you’ve been seeking for so long.

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